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Many people ask me what to clean their pinch rollers with.  I wish I had a good super secret formula I used and could tell you about, but I don't.  I see daily and hear what chemicals do to rubber,  and it isn't good. Sooner or later the rubber will be ruined. Some types of rubber dry out, crack, and get hard, while others get soft and gooey.

My advice and it's only my opinion, I know this doesn't clean as well as some high-octane chemicals,  but I suggest just plain old dish soap and water,  then rinse good.
Sorry, that's about it.

What to use for cleaning pinch rollers and other rubber items
This is for new rubber and will not fix old hard or gooey rubber.

Turn around time from Oct. thru May  (Winter months) is usually 3 to 6 days from the time of receipt. Due to a few vacations, at times, turn around times may be 2 weeks or more from June thru Oct. I suggest emailing me before sending your rollers. Generally speaking, the business will not be interrupted.

Clients Testimonials

Hi Terry

The rollers arrived yesterday. They look great. I installed one on the Roland tonight and adjusted the roller tension for optimal stability. Terry...I have never heard a tape echo sound so "in-tune" in my life. The difference is phenomenal. I can't thank you enough for your great service and great work. The owner of this unit will be blown away! Once again Terry, thanks so much for the great work and service. I hope to have the opportunity to do business in the future. There are a lot of Space Echos and Echoplexes out there that are crying for new pinch rollers. The sound of their cry is always warbly and out of tune! :

Tomi Abriel

Axe-Amp Tech Service.

Repair and modification of guitars, amps, and effects.

Hi Terry

Just wanted to let you know I received the rollers for my RT-909 (actually a few weeks back but I was on leave). I have installed them and they corrected the odd Wow and Flutter issue I was having. I am getting 0.03% with a test tape, and around 0.06% W+F when I record and playback on this deck, both are well within Pioneer's original specifications. The Weighted W+F is also well within spec. I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome rebuild on these things.


Adam R


Hi Terry

I was finally able to get some time to install one set of rollers, and that set is dimensionally perfect, both in OD, roundness, and eccentricity. Can't even tell when they are rotating unless you look carefully. W&F numbers are the best they have/can be on this 3014, and tape tracking shows no wobble or skew.

I service Nakamichi, Revox, and the 3014 cassette decks. I've used you for all my Revox and now Tandberg decks, and whenever I need a Nak roller (which is not very often), and always have gotten excellent results. I recommend you to anyone that asks.

Thank you very much!!

Perry Asposito

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