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Terry's Rubber Rollers & Wheels

 Do you have a Reel to Reel tape recorder, record player, 8 track player, cassette deck, or just need a roller rebuilt, that may be sitting in the back of a closet, or stashed away, because the pinch roller or idler wheel is dried out, hard, cracked or ruined from improper chemical cleaning?

Do you have a question about your pinch rollers, idlers, or any other question about your machine?

Ask the experts...Listed below are 2 sites where you can ask a question and you will get answers(free).

To post a question you will have to register first, but it is free.  You can look around for free without registering.

There is a solution!

Send me your old roller, I will remove all the old rubber and replace it with new.  It will be perfectly flat or rounded depending on your style of roller. It will be perfectly round.  No thumping, no wobbling, no humming, no more tape slippage. When I’m done, it will work well, and sound as good as new.


The only thing that may prevent this from happening is if the roller you send me has a bushing/bearing that is worn,  and any machine that is 40-50 years old will have some wear,  and you will have some W&F. Most people will never notice it. If you want your bearing or bushing replaced, I can do that for an additional charge. 


Price will vary depending on the roller style you have. I'm not trying to scare you, or saying you have to have your bushing replaced. Very few people have their bushings replaced and they're happy with the sound. I'm just telling you this because after doing this for over 15 years, it's a sure thing.

Below (or above left) you will find links that will allow you to download the order form as either an MS Word file or in PDF format(which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). The order form has a few questions about your roller, along with additional shipping information. Order form and payment must accompany the roller. If you are sending more than one roller, and the rollers are different sizes,  please attach one form per roller.

I am not responsible for rollers shipped without the order form. Most pinch rollers and idlers are for "Home Units" because they are smaller in size (most 1/2 inch tape and smaller). I will ship them back to you U.S.P.S. with  $50 insurance.

Since most "Pro Audio" rollers are usually physically larger than Home rollers,  there for additional charges may apply.  Prices are determined by the physical size of the roller, not because it's a Pro or Home Unit.

If in doubt about the charge for your roller, email me. For other shipping options and ideas, click the link below. The roller you send me for rebuilding will be the one you get back,  I never swap rollers. There it will fit your machine exactly as before, and you don't have to worry about getting a roller with a worn-out bushing.

The big idler debate

Does idler size  (diameter) affect the final speed????

This applies to a single-tire idler only. If you're having a speed issue with your machine,  and you think it's the idler size (diameter)  causing the problem, below are links to other sites where experts discuss and explain this in detail.

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