Here are a few ideas that might make shipping your

rollers a little easier      

See return shipping requests at the bottom of the page

1. The little bubble envelopes (4 in by 6 in, or 6 in by 8 in) from the post office

    will work .  It is not advisable to use a regular letter envelope.  They also have

    small boxes.   Due to a recent  problems,  I suggest you use a small box.  Since I

    ship it back in the same container,  they protect better when shipping back.

2.  If your roller is gummy or sticky,  just put in a plastic baggie so the goo doesn't

      get on the paper work.

3.  I need nothing but the roller itself.  If you can't remove bearings etc, thats fine, I will.

4.  If you want it returned quick!!  If you send  it to me UPS, Fedex, or any other

    delivery service and want it sent back the same way, (The Simplest and easiest  way), is for

    you to include  a self-addressed prepaid return envelope from your shipper inside the

    envelope with the roller.   Then when your roller is done,  I take the roller and put it in

    the return envelope, I call the shipper for pick up and it's gone, no fuss no muss.  

   This way you only pay the cost of the roller rebuilding,  no handling charge (or $5.00 shipping

   charge) for you that way,   or give me your account number and I will charge  the return

   shipping to your account.

5. If your worried about losing your roller in transit, before you send it,  make a 3 diminsional sketch of it,

    measure it accurately with a micrometer.  Put all dimensions on the sketch,  clearly so a new one can be made at a  machine shop.  Also, insure it for an amount to cover the machining costs or what your  machine is worth.  Machining  is expensive.

     Could be $150.00 or more

6.  Insurance is advisable.   Check here to check on additional insurance

7.  Delivery conformation helps keep track of it,  but they don't know who gets it out of the mail box.

    (costs about $.55 extra) Caution, if it does get lost, the post office  won't pay for it.  

8. It can also be sent  with signature conformation, This is where someone has to sign for the package

     to receive it.   (that  will cost about $1.80 extra).

9.  If you want me to return your rollers  with any of the above mailing options and more than $50.00

      insurance let me know .  It will be over and above the normal $5.00 S/H charge.

10. To put your mind to ease a little,  I have had no  packages lost from the Postal Service. (5-22-04)

      One near problem (11-04) a package was shipped from over seas in a thin paper padded envelope, I received it

       and the contents was placed in a plastic bag from some postal system.  The original bag was ripped open and the       contents had fallen out.  They recovered everything and all was Ok, but it could have been disasterious.

  Special  return shipping notes

11.  If you have special instructions for me to follow in returning your roller, please make note of it on the order form.  For example, if you have customs information requests, what to ship your roller back in (Box or envelope),  or any other information which will  help keep you from paying any  unnecessary duties or fees.  Doing  this might be the only sure way your request will be followed.  If you  made a request in an email,  that does not guarantee it will happen, I try to follow them but notes get lost.   The order form stays with the roller until time of return shipping, so the person packing the roller will see any notes you make on the order form, and follow your requests.

Any other notes are welcome also.

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