First a little history about these first 4 items.  I bought these at a local auction from a studio that shuting down as the owner was ready to retire.  I got to know the owner and talked to him about each item.  He assured me that all decks worked very well and there was nothing wrong with them.   He said "not knowing the business was going to shut down,  just a couple years ago he had all his equipment sent in,  checked, cleaned and if there was anything else they needed, it was done to keep them in tip top shape.

     I have personally hooked up and tried each deck and they all record and playback and sound absolutely great.  They are not all beat up and could easily pass as new, but we know they are used.   If you are interested in an item but want more pictures just let me know.

      I will admit , I am not smart enough or familiar enough, to know everything about every finction on each machine, but I checked all of the basic functions and all worked great as the owner said.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

      Listed below are different types of decks.  Click on the picture of the desired type to view.



            Tascam 42B Reel to Reel Deck/ manual and hub adapters  ( 1 available)  



             Tascam 34 Reel to Reel Deck/ manual and hub adapters   (1 available)



             Tascam 133  Studio Cassette deck   (3 available)


                                                                  $125.00 plus shipping   


             Tascam  Studio Cassette deck  112R             (2 available)


                                                                     $100 plus shipping


             Wollensak Cassette recorder/player with built in Amp.    (1 available)

                                                                        $50 plus shipping        Sold


               Portable Record player with built in Amp                  ( 1 available)

                                                                         $50 plus shipping      Sold