If you want to try to fix your roller your self, here are 10

ways customers tryed to fix them at home

If you need lots of grip/traction , try a tire off your kids toy truck

This roller was build up with some sort of plastic or automotive type body filler.

One of these rollers was patched up with plastic electrical tape and the other had a Hoover vacuum cleaner belt on it.

This next roller was repaired with several layers of duct tape and a piece of rubber on the outside.

This idler was fabricated from 3 pieces of rubber stitched together around the metal hub in the middle.


These 2 were wraped with several layers of cloth and other stuff.

This one was repaired with a piece of bicycle inner tube.

This one was wraped with tape


More tape


Any idea about this one????

It appeared this customer didn't want the black goo to multiply!!

Multiply, (Hint, Hint)


You can try these ideas if you want ,  but if they would have worked I wouldn't

have recieved them.